Ability is a fully GNU / Linux distribution for embedded systems

Ability turns any embedded systems into an open source connected device and it can be customized for automotive scope. It contains tools and services which allow the porting and configuration of open source technologies for complex devices such as radio navigation systems for cars. Ability has been acknowledged by Abinsula customers for its reliability and flexibility.

Ability is a product powered by Abinsula.

Ability is a meta-distribution assembled by Abinsula. It is based on Open Embedded and oriented to the automotive market. Ability is designed to integrate the best packages created for embedded systems by the open source community. We have been inspired by the automotive market, where we noticed that, due to a longer development cycle, most of the products turn out to be outdated if compared with smartphone and tablet. In this context it is vital to:

  • Reduce the Development's costs.
  • Speedup the Time to Market.
  • Guarantee the long term maintenance.
  • Add new features easily.
  • Be compliant with the defined standard protocol for each domains.

General Features Description

Ability is:

  • A fully GNU / Linux distribution for embedded systems.
  • A multi-platform cross-compilation tool chain.
  • An open source community

Ability is not only a Linux flavour but contains also a series of utilities helpful to solve issues normally found in any industrial software development process. Such utilities can be used to verify the MISRA compliance, the code real-time efficiency, to check if the software licensing model is the expected one, for versioning, to speed-up the cross compilation activity, wiki, blog, mailing list and many more.

Why Ability? Comparison with other Distro

  • Easy to add a new layer or a new recipe
  • Easy to install in a personal PC or in an HPC
  • Long and short term support for both kernel and packages
  • Most popular graphical libraries already integrated (Qt4/Qt5/Clutter/SDL)
  • 2D / 3D, OpenGL and OpenGL-ES
  • Integrated development tools for the design of any GUI described in XML / QML
  • Export and integration with HTML5 / CSS / Javascript
  • Communication and integration with Web Services / JSON
  • Support for multi-touch and other advanced input systems

Some of our success cases

Infotainment System for an Electric Bus

  • Country: Spain
  • Company Name: Solventea
  • Industry: Automotive

High Fidelity Player based on GStreamer

  • Country: England
  • Company Name: Simple Audio
  • Industry: Entertainment

Infotainment system (BSP / distribution GENIVI Compliant).

  • Country: Italy
  • Company Name: Magneti Marelli
  • Industry: Automotive

Medical device (Dentist field)

  • Country: Italy
  • Company Name: MHT
  • Industry: Electro medical


Ability has been designed and developed to reduce the weaknesses of traditional software integration processes.
Realized by a solid team of engineers with more than 10 years of experience, Ability is the final solution when it comes to:

Reduce the Development's costs.

Thanks to the the contribution provided by the Open Source community, Ability is regularly updated with the latest innovation and can be distributed under the General Public License.

Add new features easily.

Ability has a modular structure and architecture which makes it easy to add new features for the specific project it is addressed to.

Rely on a vibrant open-source community

Ability is delivered as is, totally free with the support for more than 200 development boards and the support for the most famous graphical library. Support is provided by the Open Source community.

Respect the standard

Ad-hoc development and porting of already available SW Integration with Automotive standards (GENIVI / AUTOSAR) Full integration with mobile phone (Apple / Android) Integration with the web (cloud-computing).

Speedup the Time to Market.

The modular structure allows to select and implement just the part of the software needed, sensibly reducing the development cycle.

Guarantee an affordable long term maintenance.

Ability is based on YOCTO, one of the most popular META Distribution in the world. Thanks to this, we don’t need to invest time and money on its maintenance.


Ability is extremely versatile and has been applied in different fields.


Ability supports more than 200 development boards and 3 proprietary boards. More than 5000 recipes for libraries and application are needed to achieve this. Here is a list of the most important Hardware Architectures supported by Ability:


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